Development and manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

TGE group takes a strong position in the market developing and producing uninterruptible power supplies.
We are engaged in developing and manufacturing UPS for light and heavy industry, shipbuilding and other industries.
All products manufactured in high-tech, modern production facilities TGE group,
with quality control at all stages of the assembly. Each product is marked with a unique quality passport number.
All works are performed on high-quality equipment and certified components corresponding to GOST (RUS).  

Why are we chosen as one of the leading UPS manufacturers:  


– The perfect cost / eff. ratio.

– High efficiency products.

– Products are compact in size.

– The inertia of the transition from primary to backup power.

– High reliability of uninterruptible power supplies.

– A unique experience of creating a UPS completely domestic kitting


Uninterruptible power supplies TGE group are intended for short-term power supply of equipment
with any technical characteristics during the transition to emergency mode and disconnection of the main power supply systems.
UPSs running on batteries are universal equipment
and can be operated in a variety of areas and spheres.

Using the TGE group in your company will allow to prevent a sudden shutdown
sensitive equipment. The UPS can be installed to power computers, workstations and servers,
complex measuring devices, communication systems and telecommunications, in banks, airports, medical institutions
and at other facilities where it is necessary to ensure uninterrupted power supply of high quality.
In addition, the system of uninterruptible power supplies will protect sensitive equipment
from voltage drops, short-term power outages.

Currently TGE group produces a wide line of UPSs from 1000 VA to 500 kVA,
also provides complete information and technical support for each facility.
In addition to the production and installation of the UPS unit itself, it is possible to develop special modern software
for the effective operation of the entire system (including automatic control systems)

Given the reliability of our production confirmed by our customers, the availability of modern equipment,
strict quality control, innovative approach and high level of service, uninterruptible power supplies TGE group
have proved to be the most effective solution in the field of ensuring the safety of critical systems
and equipment at facilities of any technical level.