28 April 2015

The Partnership Alliance of the Company “TGE” with major producers of media services will lead to a synergistic effect for all three parties.

The signing of the partnership agreement will allow “TGE” to undertake the planning of execution of larger orders in its areas.

On April 28, 2015, “TGE” signed an alliance agreement with “Ascreen” and Neymaxx Multimedia.
The companies have united under the name of Alliance group and now they will be able to implement major projects in the media sphere.
In addition, the association gives all three parties additional opportunities to develop and develop the market.


The founder of the company “TGE” Ilya Rashkin says :

“This is a completely mutual project. Here everything is on equal terms.
And we have united not only in production, but also marketing purposes.”
Specialists in the sphere of business development say,
that due to such an alliance the companies will be able to produce mutual promotion in the market, exchange of clients, expand their influence. Such prospects are especially important for a young company.


One of the partners within the “Alliance group” is the company “Neymaxx Multimedia”, founded in 2010 in the UK.
Today the main specialization is working with complex interactive projects, video installations, branding,
creation of WEB-windows and applications, video and animation, development of sites. “Ascreen” specializes in software development,
media content, distribution of special equipment. By joining forces, the companies will be able to undertake the implementation of large media projects “on a turn-key basis”
not resorting to the services of contractors.