Contract development of electronics

One of the key specializations of “TGE Group” is a full-fledged contract manufacturing of electronics.
Our workshop is equipped only with modern equipment, qualified personnel are allowed to work.
Our approach to customers and the implementation of orders allows us to cope with the flow in time and ensure the highest quality products.


Cooperation with “TGE Group” is an excellent opportunity for both just entering the market,
and for full-fledged giants, to produce Russian competitive products from the project
to the finished product on time, without investing in the purchase and maintenance of a full-fledged production,
creation of required storage conditions and transportation of components.
The contact electronics production service allows our customers to save energy,
time and resources, correctly prioritizing. Installation and assembly of finished products are conducted
under the strict supervision of special authorized control services.
Thus, we completely avoid the production of marriage.


Qualitative development of electronics to order implies that all production facilities are located in a single complex of the technopark, which allows timely and easy to make the necessary control, quickly respond to changing requirements for TK, conduct additional experiments and development.


Also, we draw your attention to the fact that the service for contract manufacturing of electronics is not only in the production of products from scratch, but also allows you to begin work on the implementation of the project at any stage of the production cycle.
In addition, we do not limit the customer to the minimum order quantity.
Both small batches and serial products are available for production.


Contract manufacturing of electronics is an effective market mechanism that allows you to produce electronics modern level of complexity of high quality and with minimal resources.
Today, among our customers there are representatives of such industries as aircraft instrumentation, automation systems, heavy engineering, oil industry and others.