15 April 2016

The most powerful electric bike of the Russian production is being tested!

The company “TGE” manufactured the first electric bike in Russia with a hybrid battery and a motor-wheel of its own production.


Rated power – 5000 Watts (electronically limited)
Power peak – 11000 Watts (electronically limited)
The maximum speed is 120 km / h

Battery capacity – 2.4 kWh

Run at speeds of up to 30 km / h – 310 km (without pedal support)
Run in a dynamic mode at speeds up to 100 km / h – 120 km

The tests take place between 01.04.16 and 01.05.16.
The commencement of serial watering is scheduled for 01.06.2016

At the moment, a pool of pre-orders for more than 20 units has been formed.