5 June 2018

“The Reactor was developed – high-tech and cheap mining solution with 7nm hash-boards.”

Company TGE successfully completed the development of the universal “REACTOR” mining platform, and also began its serial production.
The first experienced cluster with a capacity of 5 MW is being prepared for commissioning.

This platform is a new milestone in the mining industry due to the qualitative increase in the economic effect, as well as the concept of energy efficiency and renewability – that is, reducing energy costs at all stages of consumption and the possibility of replacing aging hash components with new ones, without the need to replace the high-tech enclosure and heat removal system , as well as basic electronic systems, which, in turn, allows you to significantly expand the horizons of the financial model due to the large savings on capital costs.

The development is a single reference design, which includes: an advanced two-phase immersion cooling system with outstanding power density per working volume, a power source with a capacity of 30 kW, as well as the entire spectrum of electronic systems for mining on the SHA-256 (Bitcoin) algorithm, and updated hash-boards with 14 nm chips from the corporation Bitfury.

President of  the company TGE Ilya Rashkin comments:

“The main goal in the development of this upgraded mining platform was the cost-effectiveness ratio, because today two problems are especially acute for the miners: CAPEX and OPEX (cost of equipment and infrastructure, as well as electricity and services).

Our thermo physicists managed to achieve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) in the range 1.03-1.06, which is an impressive indicator of energy efficiency. This indicator shows how much additional electricity is required to divert heat. By the way, for all models of air miners this coefficient never drops below 1.10, since air cooling is 4 thousand times! less effective than a two-phase immersion system “

Noteworthy is the fact that the company specially for the Mining platform “REACTOR” has developed its own innovative three-phase power source with a capacity of 30 kW, with a topology for silicon carbide (SiC), which raises the efficiency of the power source up to 96% and allows additional savings up to 6% of all consumed electricity only on this power link.

TGE power supply unit

The high efficiency of the power supply, combined with the immersion cooling system, gives tremendous savings of up to 12% of all electric power on all types of chips.

In cooperation with a 3M international corporation, a partner in the field of chemical products, the limit parameters of technical fluids used in the heat removal system were investigated, which allowed to significantly increase the amount of heat removed and to expand the understanding of the interaction of liquid with electronic components.

The main supplier of 16 and 14 nm (nano chips) is the international corporation Bitfury, which supplies hash chips of its own development. As a result of teamwork, it was possible to obtain impressive parameters for both the performance and energy efficiency of existing chips, the company also developed and applied its own solutions to solve the significant limitations of immersion mining.

Company TGE is working with several Japanese companies for the supply of 7 nm chips. The plan for serial production of hash boards with chips 12 and 7 nm for the first quarter of 2019, as well as hash boards based on chips with a 5 nm process technology for the second half of 2020 – the beginning of 2021, is already in place. It is noted that access to such hash boards will appear only with investors or owners of the “REACTOR” platform.

The total number of R&D teams participating in the project – more than 30 people, all of them are company TGE’s best specialists in the field of power and microelectronics, thermal physics, programming, chemistry, and materials science.

At the moment, the company is exploring the possibility of producing industrial mining platforms not only for its own needs, but also for the international sector of industrial mining.

The company is considering the option of developing versions of the “REACTOR” for 250 and 500 kW, including the possibility of basing in a sea container, as well as the creation of a major Russian-owned mining farm with a total capacity of 50 MW, powered directly from the nuclear plant. Relevant objectives in the negotiations with the concern “Rosenergoatom” have already been achieved.