6 June 2018

“Gigantor” The world’s largest “Magnifer”

Project “Gigantor”
The company TGE (Tesla Global Engineering) decided to develop and build the largest on the continent, the musical coil Tesla, designed for use in major shows.
Her magnetic design made her the largest in the world, a unique Tesla coil of this type.
During the development, original solutions were found in the mechanical and electronic parts of the device.

More details about the design:
“Gigantor” is a Tesla resonant transformer, made on a magneto scheme. The classical resonance transformer is two inductively coupled oscillatory LC circuits, one of which is excitatory (primary), and the other – high-voltage (secondary) – from which the power is removed in the form of an electric discharge.



There are several ways to excite oscillations, namely:

  • Spark arrester;
  • A mechanical generator, a lamp generator and, finally, the most modern one, a transistor generator, as it was used in “Gigantor”. In a conventional Tesla coil, the primary circuit coil (primary winding) consists of several coils of thick wire located at the base of the secondary coil;
  • Also, there is a modified scheme – a magnetic one. The change consists in dividing the secondary coil into 2 parts – the main (free resonator) and the intermediate (the magnet);

The overall height of the device is 4.2 meters, the toroid is 2.8 meters in diameter
Power consumption from 30 to 200 kW.
The maximum length of the discharge (calculated) is 8-10 meters. (at a power of 120-150 kW)
To date, the maximum recorded length of the discharge is 6.5 meters. (at 50 kW)