Development of measuring equipment and complexes based on ultrasound and polymorphism

The principle of operation of the systems of the “Level” series

The principle of operation of the systems of the “Level” series is based on the method of impulse polymetry.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) signal in the form of an ultrashort pulse (SPI) voltage (amplitude – 1V, duration – several picoseconds) is generated and emitted into a “long” measuring line. The reflected polymetric signal (taking into account the features of the UWB / SKI propagation along the line) contains all the necessary information, after deciphering which the specialized software of the system promptly estimates the specified storage parameters.



The reflected polymetric signal is returned to the computer via the same cable line and processed by software. The return time of the reflected signal is a function of the level. The impulse moves with the speed of light, so it is not sensitive to external disturbances (temperature drop, foam, etc.).

Software tools provide processing, saving and displaying current information. The operator has the ability to monitor the status of the object in dialog mode and respond quickly in the event of an accident.

A number of emergency cases require full automation (fire, overflow, etc.).