1 July 2014

Engineers TGE have completed the development of a frequency power converter with a power of 40 kW.

The frequency converter is a static converter used to control the speed of rotation of induction motors.

Asynchronous AC motors differ significantly from DC motors.
This difference is achieved due to the simplicity of construction and ease of use.
For this reason, asynchronous motors are noticeably more prevalent, are widely used and widely used in many industries, energy, as well as urban infrastructure.

These converters are widely used in process equipment where a controlled electric drive is used:
mixers, dispensers, production lines, water supply systems, ventilation, smoke exhausters, hoisting and transport, etc. equipments.


  • Full motor protection;
  • Built-in PID controller;
  • V / f control for U / F;
  • Analog and digital inputs / outputs for regulation and remote control;
  • Remote control and monitoring via RS-232 / RS-485;
  • Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz;
  • Output frequency up to 400 Hz;
  • Adjustment range up to 1: 1000;
  • Accuracy of maintaining the speed to 0.1% of the actual;
  • ТAccuracy of maintaining the moment to 0.5% of the actual;