Design and manufacture of power supply units

TGE power supply unit

Company TGE group is a Russian company that unites experienced and ambitious specialists who know their business.
We are well aware of the needs and technical requirements of our customers and we take them into account in the production of products and the development of new products.
All hardware produced by company TGE group are reliable from a technical and operational point of view, and meets international standards. We are already trusted by such companies, as JSC GAZPROM, CTTC RAS and ROSNANO, Sony Pictures.

    The main competitive advantages of power supplies produced by company TGE group:

  •  Flexible development for the customer;
  •  Power characteristics from 0.1W to 0.5 MW;
  • Ergonomic and compact size of the power supply casing;
  • Full security of connection and use: automatic protection of power supplies
    from differences in input voltage, short circuit, overload network, the ability to connect thermal and lightning protection;
  • Successful experience of implementing projects in the framework of import substitution;
  • Experience in implementing projects entirely on domestic components
    (including microcontroller part);

Quality of production equipment and high qualification of the company TGE group employees allows us process orders in the shortest possible time. In addition, all products have the appropriate certificates in Russia,
and individual models of power supplies are certified in the EU countries.
company TGE group R&D focus on increasing the efficiency of power supply units.
We are striving to reduce the overall dimensions and weight of products, to reduce the costs of their production and as a consequence, to reduce their final cost, provided that the functionality is expanded.
However, for each customer, the different features of the end product are prioritized.

We are interested in full satisfaction of all technical requirements of each customer
and we are working on optimization and individualization of production.
Company TGE group will provide not only production, adjustment and installation of necessary power supplies, but also provide full information and technical support to its customers. The potential of production and the competence of specialists allow closing all technical questions of the client.
In addition, representatives of the company can travel to other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.