TGE group starts developing a full immersion cooling system.

The current market demand for the technology of allocating the maximum power density
per unit volume in the sphere of supercomputers, and equipment for the production
of crypto-currency (mining) allows us to tackle this task,
relying on our own wide experience in the field of thermodynamics
and math modeling of thermal systems.


The most important feature of immersion cooling systems is the reduction of energy costs
for heat dissipation of the system, which gives from 3 to 10 or more percent
of savings from the total capacity of the system.

It is expressed by the coefficient of PUE
(Power Usage Effectiveness).


Our team set a difficult task – to reach the PUE value of 1.03,
and very high power density like 500 kW of thermal power from 1 m3,
using a number of our own developments in this field. At the moment,
there is a construction of a test site and a specialized laboratory.


The expected r&d time to the MVP stage is 7 months.